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At Car 4 U we guarantee the best price. Personalize your buying experience, purchase at your convenience. A large percentage of customers regret their decision the next day. Reason being, either they exceeded their budget or settled on a car. Our staff has over 25 years experience in the car business. We are like your car attorney, here with you every step of the process.

We are the new way to personalize your car buying experience on the web. We provide the lowest price on the internet, with no pressure, compromise, or confusion. Hate spending your day at the dealership with that pushy salesperson? We got you covered. Get the car you want today, with an unbiased opinion, so you can be confident , and feel great , about your next car purchase!


We Focus on:

  • Budget: First time buyers or bankruptcy. We find cars that fit your budget and let you decide. Instead of picking from a small selection or paying to much.
  • Consultation: Learn about the vehicle your purchasing. Get expert advice on resale value, maintenance, and life expectancy.
  • Value: Get the right car at the best price. Without having to settle on color or options.
  • Clear and Fast: Get the best price without going back and forth. We are with you every step of the process. With our V.I.P service, buy your car in a hour.



Consultation: Advice on a current situation. Coming out of bankruptcy, negative equity, or first time buyer. We give you advice, so you will know where to start.



Get a great deal on your vehicle. Also we look over your car to make sure it is functioning mechanically and free of blemishes. Also if you customize your car we make sure all accessories are added before you arrive to minimize your trips.



In and out of the dealership in a hour. Get test drives at your home or office. Have vehicle delivered to your home.

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